Rums & Sugarcane Spirit
Cloak & Dagger
A true aussie sugarcane spirit, excellent with coke or enjoyed on ice. We use 100% local ingredients and are the only distillery using molasses from the Rocky Point Sugar Mill in Jacobs well. After brewing, the spirit is then distilled onsite, the hearts cut taken, and then briefly aged on American oak for around 4 weeks until the flavour is right.
A white, easy drinking spirit that goes great in daiquiris, mojitos or as a lighter rum flavour with Coke.
NEW! Strawberries & Raspberries
Made with real fruit, this delicate, well balanced gin has a wonderful fruity flavour. Enjoy with Tonic, Soda, or on the rocks.
Traditional Butterfly Pea
Juniper, coriander, cardamom, angelica root & just a hint of citrus. This dry (no sugar added) gin is then infused with butterfly pea flower to make a magical colour changing experience. Mixes well with your traditional gin mixers - such as Tonic
Lemon, Blood Orange, & Lime
A clean, crisp Gin with a big citrus punch. A great summer drink that goes really well with lemonade or in cocktails.
Traditional Fine Gin
Because its traditional does not mean its boring. Feedback from our testers is that its one of the best gins they have ever had. Don't believe it ? Come on in a try it out.
White Stag
One of the highest purity vodkas you will experience. So smooth you will hardly know its in your drink.
About Us
Hi, I'm Ryan! I have been doing craft distilling on the Gold Coast since 2015, after a night trying too much of my own product - and perhaps before I fully recovered - I decided it was time to quit the day job and setup a distillery. We are dedicated to using all natural local ingredients in our products & all products are hand crafted and produced in small batches. You are welcome to come down, have a yarn, try our drinks, and go home happy.

Rebellion Rum Distillery

3 Octal Street, Yatala, 4207

Opening Hours

Thursday & Fridays from 10am - 6pm.
Other times call 0452323234 to check.


The gram:@rebellionrumco

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